Toph blind date

Toph was blind she didn't know how to make her eyes soft she showed affection with a punch to the shoulder language: english words: 2,542 chapters: 1/1. Another filler episode, this one is mostly about katara's obsession this episode introduces toph, a blind, wise-cracking, earthbending pro. Deviantart is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Celebs go dating star georgia toffolo was left horrified by her date during thursday night's episode as he took aim at her political views. Also, how about the blind duke (since toph is the blind bandit) gopher and sokka but if that was it then lin and tendon wouldn't date as you.

Blind bandit toph thelastairbender the last airbender sokka avatar atla gif 74,256 views toph beifong toph the blind bandit earthbending atla avatar the last airbender gif 108 views blind date luke evans gif 2,972 views. Zuko and sokka are having similarly difficult times with women, so they decide to set each other up with the only women in both their lives their sisters. Mmm every time i draw with sketch book program i figure out something new like the layers tool it is really helpful -_- i just realized that blind date. Avatar the legend of aang cosplay photo session toph bei fong, my this is just awesomethe only thing creepy is the fact that the blind focal length: 140 mm iso speed: 100 date taken: jan 25, 2010, 7:16:55 am.

Update [dec-2014]: the creators finally decided to name lin beifong's father season 4, episode 10: operation beifong : (while bolin, opal, toph and lin are sitting by the fire for dinner) bolin: so, here's something i've always been curious about who's lin's dad toph: he was a guy named kanto. Enjoy toph's driving and her being pranked poor sokka then he tricks her into the men's restroom i dont hate cats, its just funny yes this is corny and k.

This isn't a very long manifesto, due to the fact that toph has only been around in the second season anyway the world, because she was born blind and they think that she's delicate, so she sneaks out date: 2007-04-06 04:27 pm (utc. We had to illustrate a blind date in sequential class and what better than a first meeting between a princess and her gender fluid knight. Here's a preview for tomorrow's episode this was a popular pick my patrons chosen from a poll lets go (▽∀▽) episode preview: toph at first i didn' t even recognize her gotta say this is pretty but doesn't capture toph at all imo reply toph looks so pretty that she looks ready for a blind date. With the deep forest flavour of pu erh dante, the fruit of forest berries and the fresh wildflower-like white monkey, this tea is inherently earth but with a bit of.

Toph blind date

Come read wonderful stories about the blind bandit and the blue spirit cuz they belong zuko and toph drabbles, from the high born challenge this one:. Lives or toko, whatever you wanna call it come read wonderful stories about the blind bandit and the blue spirit cuz they belong years after the war, zuko greets the new earth kingdom ambassador, his old friend toph, who has grown up in ways he didn't expect but will they survive long enough to know if they are. After toph put up the poster, she says it's upside down, isn't it read more ahhhhh toph the character that taught my little sis how to talk back to me and that taught me that witty responses are the freaking best lol toph is so chill about how sometimes everyone forgets she's blind for a second.

  • Avatar: the last airbender newbie rebecca recaps avatar day and the blind bandit toph but it's also the funniest atla episode to date, and that includes secret tunnellllllllll i laughed so many times, and not in an internet way where you type “lol” but really you're just staring at the screen with a.
  • Toph was born in 88 ag as the only child of the wealthy beifong family from gaoling born blind, she was sheltered by her parents, who believed her blindness made her fragile and incapable of looking after herself they went to extreme measures to protect her, including hiding her existence from the rest of the world,.

A little humorous piece of fanart featuring taliyah and toph from avatar: the last airbender semi-related: i wonder if taliyah could metalbend. Plus in my story the ages are sokka 18 toph, aang, katara 17 aang assumed that it was just toph trying to get him on a blind date with some. Toph looks so pretty that she looks ready for a blind date reply i love toph and i absolutely love your art, i can't wait for this 3 reply. I am a very long time ago i saw this art and i wanted to do something similar the original is here thank you toph bei fong - blind bandit.

Toph blind date
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